Committee and other roles

This is a basic summary of the types of activities involved in each role and who is currently  in the role. Each role involves more tasks on an ad hoc basis depending on what events are happening at any one time or as requested by the President or other Committee members.

Alyson Robinson is our President; her role includes acting as the spokesperson for our group and ensuring compliance to ACT Government requirements. The president chairs the monthly committee and general meetings, writes a monthly letter to members, writes the Annual Report, time manages events, seeks new partners, promotes the organisation, fund raises and maintains contact with like groups. They also set the strategy and objectives for ACTTAA into each new year. The role is a signatory on the bank account.

Sue Chapman is our Vice-President and her role supports the president’s role.  The vice-president stands in for the president at meetings when required, is an alternate signatory for the association for legal and financial purposes, works collaboratively with other committee members to achieve our objectives. The role is a signatory on the bank account.

Jenny White is our Treasurer and her main role is to oversee the financial transactions of ACTTAA and ensure compliance against the ACT Government requirements. The treasurer collects monies and issues receipts at meetings and other ACTTAA events, monitors online banking, pays invoices, updates, and reconciles the financial spreadsheets, delivers a monthly financial report. She also prepares the data for the annual Auditors report and ensures a smooth transition of signatories after the AGM. The role is a signatory on the bank account.

Hazel Jones is our Secretary and her main role is to collate and distribute the agendas and take the minutes for the monthly  committee and general meetings. The secretary also collects the mail and distributes appropriately. The role is also responsible for keeping the documentation for seven years and keeping process documents like the Job Descriptions updated and filed. The role is also a signatory on the bank account.

Workshop Coordinator
Virginia Esposito and Suzanne Brown are our Workshop Coordinators. They research and propose workshops to the committee and develop a schedule for the members. They publicise the events, organise the tutor, costs, and associated tasks, liaise with the venue, collate feedback, and prepare a report each month at the committee and general meetings.

Skill Sharing Days Coordinator
Virginia Esposito and Suzanne Brown are also sharing this role. They consult with the committee and membership to secure speakers, tutors or presenters for the Skill Share Days. They promote the days, prepare the reporting, book venues, collate materials lists and generally oversee all the activities required.

Communication and Social Media
Katina Curtis is our Communication and Social Media Officer. This role is to collate and distribute the newsletter, maintain, and update the website, keep the forms up to date and other duties as advised by the president.

Membership Secretary
Chris Cranston is our Membership Secretary. The role includes keeping all forms on file, ordering new badges, and circulating the contact spreadsheet.

Contact Officer
Sue Chapman is our Contact Officer. She reaches out to new members to ensure they are welcomed to the group and have the information they need. Her role includes following up on members who have not attended meetings for a while to see if they need assistance from the group whilst maintaining confidentiality.

We are recruiting a new Librarian. They are responsible for the library computer, books, and library cupboard. The librarian catalogues the books and is responsible for the purchase of new books and magazines. They are the point of contact for members requiring library cards.

Meeting Activity/Guest Speaker Facilitator
This person is responsible for ensuring clear communication to the speaker or presenter at the monthly meetings and making sure that any equipment needed is available, also organising thank you gifts for the contributors.

Member Information Distributor
This person creates and maintains an up-to-date email distribution list, monitors the generic ACTTAA email box, disseminate information, and communicate to members.